Empowered by New Triad's innovative programs, classically-trained performers of every age and professional stage can engage audiences like never before.

Audience Engagement Master Class Series
Audience Engagement Master Class Series

Over the course of two days, New Triad faculty Dr. Adam Marks works with participants on a variety of strategies for expanding and connecting to their audience. The intensive begins with a workshop on public speaking and audience connection, continues in a hands-on master class, and culminates in a performance that shows his teaching points in practice.

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Must Have Mozart Master Class Series
Must Have Mozart Master Class Series

All classical singers study Mozart to develop line, style and elegance of phrasing. The inclusion of a Mozart aria is required in every singer's audition package and the mastery of recitatives and arias is imperative. This Master Class Series gives students the tools they need to excel in both the style and effective delivery of works by this genius in the Classical canon. Powerful expression in a specific musical style as well as engaging verbal introductions to the repertoire is a winning combination for any artist.

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Opera Master Class Series
Opera Master Class Series NEW
6 'Must-Have' Classes For Audition Mastery

New Triad is proud to announce this brand new master class series: 6 master classes in a weekend festival format, which answer questions buzzing around the opera world by aspiring artists and competition judges/ presenters alike. Master Classes include how to:
•  choose the best opening aria;
•  sing Mozart stylistically;
•  develop a sound, audition package and career path that are unique;
•  ace a crossover audition having been classically trained;
•  get hired and rehired by opera companies, directors and conductors;
•  and more.

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Dynamic Collaboration
Dynamic Collaboration Master Class Series

Drawing on over a decade of experience as a musical duo, New Triad faculty members, Jennifer Beattie and Adam Marks work with participants to develop skills that support strong ensemble and expressive performance. Over the course of two days, the intensive includes a workshop on rehearsal techniques and speaking from the stage, a hands-on master class, and a performance that brings the teaching points to life.

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Teens Clasical Series
Teens Go Classical Master Class Series and Community Concerts

New Triad's Founder and Artistic Director, Dr. Arlene Shrut, coaches and performs with high school singers, with the goal of creating profound connections to their audiences through mastery of performing classical song. Using a variety of strategies for communicating more fully with the audience, students will learn about poetic and musical interpretation while expanding their emotional and physical expressiveness on stage. Each student will perform one art song in two outreach concerts and one public event to demonstrate their increased comfort, competence and alacrity in performing.

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College Prep Series
College Audition Preparation Master Class Series
and Community Concerts

This series increases students' awareness of the skills necessary to excel as classical performers in our culture. Master Classes will be presented in a group format so all can benefit from New Triad's unique approach to audition preparation. As part of the program, all students will have the opportunity to compete in a "high stakes" audition environment allowing them to "rehearse" their college audition in real competitive circumstances. The competition winners, singers most likely to succeed as classical musicians, will benefit from individual coaching of interdisciplinary presentation training. In addition, competition winners will have performing opportunities in outreach settings, for an audience that may not have the opportunity to hear classical music performed by aspiring professionals.

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Custom Programs

Customized consultations are also available to soloists, ensembles, young artist programs, and competitions to enhance presentation skills for specific performance projects.

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