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Ohio State

Press Releases
"I was delighted to experience a rebirth of the song recital with an Ohio State appearance by New Triad Artists. Gone are the days of reigning diva clasping her hands in ecstasy while expecting a captive public to lap it all up. New Triad presents musically gifted young artists who are encouraged, no, enabled to dig into music, text and above all, to context. Why these songs and poems were written, what the combination of music and words bring to the art form, and gives us, the audience, a platform on which to care. Encouraging young singers and pianists to explore repertoire and present themselves in new ways seems to me the mission of New Triad, a mission which to date is remarkably well served. Soon, we'll have new audiences, and soon, new young poets and composers will unite to expand the repertoire; presenters will catch on to dynamic and cost-effective presentations and audiences can sit back and kvell."

Christopher Purdy, Executive Producer
WOSU Classics Network
Dramaturg, Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Colorado Springs Conservatory

"The New Triad System coming to Colorado Springs has given our singers and accompanists a new edge. In America, the Art Song is a dying breed because it is misunderstood. With New Triad, 5 year olds to 22 year olds at The Colorado Springs Conservatory were exposed to the idea that each song is its own story. Each song is like a short opera with a hero and villain and when the performers have an understanding of this, it is that much more interesting to sing and for the audience to watch. Coaches have been stressing this idea vaguely for years, but never with a system in place like that of Ms. Arlene Shrut.
In seeing the recital of all the kids that had worked with Ms. Shrut whom I had known most of my life, the advancement was stunning."

Julie Silver
Lawrence University,
Alumna of Colorado Springs Conservatory


Press Releases

River City Brass Band

"New Triad gave the members valuable techniques for addressing long-standing communication problems, and went a long way toward bringing everyone onto the same page. The new energy in the organization is palpable."

- Denis Colwell, Music Director, River City Brass Band

Mannes College of Music

"One notable improvement was in communicating the text. The participants, both undergraduate and graduate, emerged as confident young artists."

- Beth Roberts, Vocal Chair, Mannes College of Music

Ohio State University School of Music

"The exciting approach to art song and recital that New Triad teaches thrilled and inspired our students and faculty! ...As a consequence, our year's end juries were more artistic and interesting."

- Dr. Karen Peeler, Professor of Voice and Vocal Pedagogy, The Ohio State University School of Music