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Press Releases
"Training a recital with New Triad is about using everything available to you on stage (your body, your voice, your instrument) to tell a story. It is an all-encompassing way of looking at performance that merges these art forms."
- Melissa Snoza, flutist and Executive Director, Fifth House Ensemble

"To me the New Triad experience was the powerful reminder of ultimately what we are doing on the stage as performing artists -- telling the story. Every gesture of our body is capable of drawing the audience nearer to our heart, to the essence of the music we play. New Triad's unparalleled symbiosis of disciplines allows us to illumine our music making to the best of our abilities."
- Konstantin Soukhovetski, pianist, 2006 Participant in New Triad's Audience Engagement Seminar in New York. 1st prize winner and audience favorite- The New Orleans International Piano Competition, 2007

"I learned so much from New Triad, it's amazing. I wish all the instrumentalists could have this experience certainly made me realize how much of a human element there is in collaborating with other artists. The music is the result of the chemistry between people that is then transmitted to the audience."
- Stefan Milenkovich, violinist, 2006 Participant in New Triad's Audience Engagement Seminar in New York, Professor of Violin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"This needs to be a regular part of every performance class and was never offered in schooling. Overall, it is sorely needed at all levels and ages of performers, including all genres: chamber music, symphony, opera - all genres."
- Jill Marderness, bassoonist, Arizona Opera Orchestera and Quintessence Chamber Emsemble, Participant in Chamber Music America's National Convention featuring New Triad's "Speaking With Your Audience".


Song Salon Seminar
New York City

Press Releases
"It has exceeded my prior expectations greatly! I never expected we would reach a level of depth that (for example) Juilliard teaches in getting their stage actors to connect to their work, but that's exactly what happened... stress on commitment and specificity with every word and moment."
- Spencer Myer, pianist

"I found all of these classes to be immensely helpful. The recital reminded me why I am singing and why I pursue music as a vocation. Arlene's realism combined with her idealistic determination to promote the recital form is truly inspiring."
- Amanda Crider, mezzo-soprano

"I know I can't have these kinds of classes anywhere else. The teachers are fabulous and enthusiastic. It helped in my stage presentation and in managing my stage fright. My sound got a lot freer and warmer. I started to love myself much more through the process of the seminar."
- Kyung-A Lee, pianist

Arias & Art Songs Workshop

New York City

"The most important thing I learned at New Triad was how to communicate a character's struggle through clear actions."
- Esha Datta (soprano)

"Having worked with New Triad before, I've had time to be convinced, over and over again, of the importance of their unique approach. Only after these workshops did I truly begin to appreciate how strongly our total connection to what we do affects our audience. I am grateful to the New Triad team for helping me develop this incredible resource."
- Taisiya Pushkar (pianist)

Texas Music Festival

"This was the most in-depth instruction I have ever received in collaborating with a vocalist. I began to see myself as can equal partner in the process. I can only imagine how helpful an entire semester of applying these ideas would be for...renewed musical emphasis on the text and also a stronger commitment to conveying it. It proved how cohesive, entertaining and meaningful a program can be."
- Melissa Zindel, Pianist, MM Candidate University of Houston


LaGuardia High School
"College Audition Preparation Master Class Series"

Press Releases
"After experiencing this program I will approach performing in a much different way. First and foremost, I will really think about performing as entertainment and keep in mind the fact that I am trying to communicate a message to the audience and make them feel something in response to what I am doing."
- Danielle Bavli, Program Participant

"I think I am a more sensitive performer now. I can deeply understand and internalize the meaning of a piece as well as treating the musical lines with care and diligence."
- Kerri Thompson, Program Participant

"The educational experience these young winners of the New Triad LaGuardia High School Competition garnered was invaluable. They improved exponentially daily in understanding the music they presented and in their role as performers. Throughout this interdisciplinary process, their confidence soared and the change in their ability to communicate on and off the stage was significant. This project provided them not only with skills they need to work in music, but in relationships throughout their lives."
- Renate Rolfing, Collaborative Pianist /NT residency and culminating performances

LaGuardia High School
"College Audition Preparation Master Class Series"

Press Releases "Because of New Triad, I found myself comfortable and confident in all of my auditions, I was able to express and communicate the meaning of the text every time. This is an experience all young singers should be exposed to! I would like to do this exact curriculum again with other music for future auditions."
- Alexandra Cohen, Program Participant - Entered Eastman School of Music Fall 2012

"I finally got a taste of what it means to truly learn a song to its fullest extent and really know how to perform it and feel it."
- Edda Fransdottir, Program Participant - Entered Ithaca College Fall 2012

"Now I know how to approach a performance more fully; that it's not just about singing all the right notes or standing with a smile, but doing your research and understanding your environment as well."
- Daniela Rivera, Program Participant - Entered SUNY Binghamton Fall 2012

"I have used a lot of the things I have learned (from the New Triad classes) in pieces that I am studying outside of school. This has shown me that it is much more enjoyable for an audience when the singer shows the emotions in the music with acting...not just standing."
- Ryan Esnard, Program Participant - Entered Oberlin Conservatory Fall 2012

Colorado Springs Conservatory
"Me in My Song Seminars"

Press Releases
"I learned what it is to sing an art song. It isn't just about producing beautiful music, it is about really diving into a song and learning what it is really, truly about - telling the story. I also hope that more students and singers are exposed to this way of performing. A brand new appreciation for music will emerge for both the audience and the artists alike."
- Nicole Burbridge, age 18

"I learned how to connect the performer and audience even if there is a language barrier. It was the fastest I had ever related to a song."
- Ashley Runingen, age 14

"I walked out with what felt like a brand new piece. It was extremely enjoyable to watch my peers and see the transformation of their performances. Whether we were 18 or 4, the teaching approach seemed relatable to all of us on some level."
- Nisa Ari, age 18

"I can't wait to do this again."
- Owen Murray, age 9