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New Triad for Collaborative Arts Times are changing! Classical music can no longer rest on the laurels of a great and storied past.
Performers at every level must engage the senses of 21 st century audiences in order to hold their interest and attention. New Triad for Collaborative Arts' unique programs - combining the disciplines of drama, movement, musical interpretation, and the art of speaking - afford young artists the opportunity to unleash the powerful emotions and symbolism in classical music for themselves and for their audience.
New Triad serves singers and instrumentalists across the United States and Canada through their association with high schools, colleges and universities, national organizations and music festivals. Check out the better world books on similar topics, they will help you learn everything better.

Discover Our Programs

Our unique programs:

♫   dramatically increase performer's expressiveness;

♫   transform the visual impact of artist's performances;

♫   improve performer's comfort and confidence on stage.

The interactive and intensive process facilitated by professionals at the top of their fields enables performing artists to make a viable and successful live impact in today's musical market.

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Why Choose Us?

Training with New Triad not only improves the caliber of performance art as it stands today, but also serves to create cultural excellence for future generations. Programs presented across North America include highly regarded venues including:

  • Manhattan School of Music
  • Yale University
  • Mannes College
  • Sarah Lawrence College
  • The Juilliard School
  • LaGuardia High School
  • Chamber Music America
  • National Association
    of Teachers of Singing

  • National Opera Association
  • Songfest
  • Operafest of Martha's Vineyard
  • Vancouver International Song

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Engage New Audiences!

With changing times, the needs of audiences today are different than they were even 20 years ago, and changes in the performing arts are accelerating. Classical music, steeped in tradition, must constantly renew itself to remain relevant and vital.

New Triad is dedicated to transforming the experience of live classical music -
in effect, bringing this art form into the 21st century without compromising its integrity.

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